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It is critical to have the appropriate instrument to do the work at hand. Furthermore, the correct tools enable staff to finish jobs quickly. Technomech Trading LLC has long been a market leader in power tools, cutting tools, electrical tools, electrical instruments, ladders, adhesives, and other products.

We are proudly partnered with reputed manufacturing brands to provide you with the best quality packaging materials and equipment. We’ve worked with a variety of government, semi-government, and commercial groups in the UAE throughout the years.

Become our distributor partner-

We’re continuously on the lookout for manufacturing and distribution partners that share our pioneering attitude. Our diverse product line benefits businesses and sectors all around the world. Technomech is devoted to delivering partnership programs to broaden our network and keep our core business value in tandem with us, with over 2000 leads each month in the UAE, Middle East, Africa, and India. In exchange, our partners reap the benefits of happy consumers and a positive return on investment.

Efficiency and success-

Offering a streamlined supply of quality items from Technomech will help you boost your productivity in the extremely competitive market for power tools and accessories. We serve the market through an ever-expanding network of suppliers and distribution partners, all of whom we actively assist in terms of customer care, sales, and marketing. We are committed to ensuring that our relationships yield the best possible results. Our partners may count on us as a reliable source of income by offering the best quality goods, services, and replacement parts.

Benefits of becoming our partners-

  1. You will get market recognition when you start distributing and promoting the products.
  2. We sell indirectly through our partner’s network. We transmit it to a partner in an area where we recognize a business leader. Begin generating more leads right now.
  3. In comparison to industry averages, our partners earn significantly larger margins. The more prospects they turn into a genuine business, the better their circumstances get.
  4. We give product training to distributors so that they may more effectively promote the product to industry professionals.
  5. They will have full access to our product portfolio and yearly training sessions.

Wrapping up-

If you don’t want to lose out on the chance to become a prominent distributor in your area, join our growing network. Brannan, Birla Precision, Swarfega, Ambersil, and others are among our featured manufacturing partners. As a leading provider of power tools and industrial cleaning products, we pledge to work with you to develop a long-term partnership. We, the Technomech community, will always be here to give technical assistance anytime it is required. Contact us today.


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