If you are looking for a revolutionary solution to repair a crack in your vase or a broken eyeglass frame or a shattered tile then look no further, the Blufixx smart repair pen is the ultimate answer. Many a times we end up scratching the corners of our favorite furniture whether it is made of glass, wood stone or metal, Blufixx can fix it all. This compact yet strong immediate smart repair uses a revolutionary technology by exposing the liquid adhesive gel to an LED lamp to get the perfect results. Simply repair, connect, replace and reuse.

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With BLUFIXX products you are able to repair by yourself - instantly and easy.


BLUFIXX products cure instantly with the LED light - in the speed of light.


BLUFIXX products are for everybody - easy to use. With the LED light you decide when it starts curing.


With BUFIXX products you can repair easily - safe your money and time for going to buy replacement products.

BLUFIXX allows you to easily repair, fill, reconstruct and mold! The Repair Gel cures rock solid, instantly, through the LED. Super smart: The Gel remains liquid until hit by the harmless LED light. Once cured, you can grind, drill, varnish, paint, and polish it!
The repair pen comes as a complete kit. It contains everything you need to get started right away! Replace the cartridge easily – no matter with what color! If you need to exchange the batteries, just unscrew the LED.
To start using the the light, remove the orange safety ring. Next, press down against the light to switch it on or off. The average life of your LED with the batteries is one hour: that’s about 100 applications. You can easily change the 4 button cell batteries (LR41 1.5 V)


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