America’s Premium Multi-Purpose
Hand Cleaner Since 1949!


The original waterless hand cleaner, Goop is non-toxic, biodegradable, and does so much more than just clean hands.

There’s a Goop for all your cleaning needs.
See the full line and know there’s a way to clean almost anything from almost everything.

A Household “Must-Have” Since 1949

The original waterless hand cleaner, Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner, is non-toxic, biodegradable, and can remove the toughest grime, grease and stains.

The Power of All-Natural Citrus Cleaner

Orange Goop liquid gel is a ‘waterless’ hand cleaner that gets hands ‘dinner table clean’ quickly, with the power of Orange. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable to remove the toughest of soils.

Quick Clean-up, With or Without Water

Goop Towels & Wipes work great on hands, car interiors, shoes, vinyl, camping and sporting equipment, bicycles, keyboards, doorknobs, telephones, and much, much more!

Greasy Doesn’t Have a Chance

Specially formulated to remove the toughest stains from washable fabrics, even if old and dried in. Gel, liquid, spot-out spray and wipes for quick cleanup.

Groom Your Pets Like a Pro

Groomer’s Goop will leave your pet’s coat clean, lustrous, full of body, and grease-free with a complete lineup of pet de-greasers, shampoos, and conditioners.

Brings Back the Brilliance

Galloping Goop will leave your horse’s coat clean, lustrous, full of body, and grease-free with a complete lineup of de-greasers, shampoos, and conditioners.

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