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Tivoly Mini Precision Electric Screwdriver, Aluminium, Set of 15 Pieces

15 Piece Mini Wireless
Precision Screwdriver Set with LED Lighting & Accessories for Smartphone
Tablet Repair

Choose this quality electric
screwdriver to unscrew/unscrew the small screws to open/disassemble/repair a
smartphone, tablet, PC, camera, glasses, etc. as well as for modeling and

Its highly effective motor
drives the screwdriver to 100 rpm in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.
You can also use it manually.

Ergonomic design, as small
and easy to use as a pen, handy and lightweight thanks to its aluminium body.
With its lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy about 4-5 hours of continuous use
between charges. The screwdriver head also has 3 LED lights to illuminate your
screwing/unscrewing operations in deep or dark areas.

This screwdriver can be
charged either on a mains socket (with a smartphone charging adapter for
example) or on your computer using the included USB cable. ● Its charging base
houses ten precision screwdriver bits (Hexa 4 mm x 28 mm). to avoid losing
them, each one is held in place by magnet.

To organize your workspace
and no longer lose your screws and screw bits, a magnetic project mat is also

This screwdriver and
accessories will save you considerable valuable time during your different

Contains: 1 x LED electric
screwdriver (17.5 cm x 1, 6 cm), 1 x charging base (3.7 cm x  7, 8 cm), 1 x USB cable, 10 x mini hexa
screwdriver bits 4 mm x 28 mm – slot 1/ 1, 5/ 3 – PH 000/ 00/ 1 – TORX 5/ 6/ 8
– 6 sides 2, 1 x magnetic project mat (9 cm x 14, 7 cm), 1 x magnetic block.

This product is the subject
of the diy collection.

TIVOLY has been a French
manufacturer since 1917. TIVOLY designs and manufactures a full range of
cutting tools and accessories for power consumption.

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Battery Included: yes

  • Brand : Tivoly
  • Type : Screwdriver Bit Sets
  • Is It a Set : Yes
  • Are batteries needed to power the product or is this product a battery : Yes
  • Is this a Dangerous Good or a Hazardous Material, Substance or Waste that is regulated for transportation, storage, and/or disposal? : No
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