Tamtek is more than a supplier. We’re a partner that provides a competitive advantage, a partner that can deliver consistent quality and superior service, a partner that fuels innovation to foster real, sustainable growth.

At Tamtek we understand packing and we make no secret of it. Close to a decade of experience in providing consistent, quality products and on-time deliveries to organizations throughout GCC, India Subcontinent, Africa, Europe, and Asia, we work with our fulfillment clients to reduce packing costs, reduce packing waste and increase packing process speed. In an ever-evolving marketplace, we’ll ensure that your needs are met in a smarter way. From products to people to process to price, you’ve found safe hands.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Tamtek, we prioritize our clients before anything, which is why you can expect state-of-the-art solutions when it comes to finding the perfect packaging materials for your business.

Premium Quality

With the Tamtek packaging material in Dubai, we maintain the standard of the fastest growing packaging company, and make all the products using high-quality raw materials to ensure durability and strength.

We Are Here To Help You

Taking our assistance forward, we are well-positioned to help you while choosing the required packaging accessories and safety products for industrial purpose.

Our Products


Bubble Wrap

Perfect Isolation from Shocks and Vibrations to Delicate and Fragile Material.

Tamtek bubble wraps are ideal to add the required layer of extra protection to the items and make them ready to ship.

Packing Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes are used in a wide range of sectors such as automotive, painting, packing, building and construction. Tamtek provides adhesive tapes for manual and automatic bonding, transparent, colored and printed, with various kinds of adhesive and carrier.

Corrugated Boxes

Widely used for packing a wide assortment of products and comes in a number of shapes including cylindrical, round, cube, or for custom-shaped items. These sturdy packing boxes tend to disburse the weight of their loads evenly.

Stretch Film

Most commonly used packing supplies to bind shipping materials that go to the warehouses or the distribution centers. Tamtek provides a complete range of hand stretch film (manually applied) and machine stretch film (applied with equipment) to packing and logistics businesses as per their needs.

Bench Vise

We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of vices that are offered in various technical specifications. Made of high quality cast iron, these are hardened and knurled with replaceable carbon steel jaws. These vices have clamp for firm grip.


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