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Knowing the benefits of thread milling and determining where it could fit in your organization is the first step toward understanding it. Although many threading solutions company in UAE may easily see thread milling use on larger components, technological advancements have made it an incredibly beneficial alternative for even the smaller holes.



What is threading?

A thread’s principal role is to create a connection between two separate systems. Consider your water bottle’s cap. A watertight seal is formed by connecting the cap to the bottle’s top.


Thread milling was found appropriate by most consumers when they were having trouble with taps. The drawbacks of tapping have grown increasingly obvious as components have become more complicated and materials have become more complex to manufacture. Taps are prone to breaking due to their design. The broken tap removal can result in critical problems with high-value components that need exact thread finishes, not to mention lost man-hours.

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Another disadvantage is Tap’s inability to thread to the bottom of a blind hole. This necessitates an additional clearing allowance, which is both unwanted and unneeded. On the other hand, thread milling overcomes the problems associated with tapping. Threading not only provides superior chip control but also allows for unrestricted access to the blind hole’s bottom.


Breakage is reduced, vibration is decreased, and a more exact thread and superior finish are produced thanks to thread interpolation and the use of solid carbide and indexable tooling. 

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Another element to consider is versatility. Thread milling may be used on holes as small as 0.25′′ and as large as the largest diameters. Custom-made tools can be created, tested, and delivered to meet tight production deadlines for specific purposes.


Presto threading tools are available from Technomech. Their tool categories include drilling, threading, milling, reaming, tool bits, and screw extractors, all of which are packaged in special custom-made packaging that allows the items to be stored for a long period. 


Just glancing at a thread milling tool might be perplexing; it’s sometimes difficult to understand how this equipment works. Machinists might feel confident while starting their operation if they have a good grasp of methodologies and best practices. Our specialists give a detailed product description to assist you in getting the most out of your equipment or machine. Additionally, we are known as the top welding equipment supplier in Dubai. So, if you’re seeking a welding equipment supplier in your area, go no further. Contact Technomech trading LLC.


To open a machine shop Dubai, you will need a lot of tools and machinery. If you are seeking to establish your machine shop, we have put up a list of some of the most crucial items to think about.


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  1. Figure out the industry you want to go in: It’s critical to pick what industry you want to focus your store on, whether it’s due to space constraints, knowledge, and skill, or a customer list. Specializing and being an expert in a certain field will help you get success. Understanding your areas of potential will help you begin on the right track to being competitive, building a strong reputation, and making sensible equipment purchases for a faster return.
  2. Put good processes in place at the beginning: Having good quality procedures in place may put you ahead of the competition, especially when competing for large-scale contracts. This shows that you’ve put in the effort to make sure your procedure is up to par.
  3. Keep your equipment cost down: There will be times when you need to purchase a new machine, but looking for innovative alternatives can be just as effective and possibly better for the company’s long-term survival. For example, consider purchasing old machinery or leasing a machine to get started.
  4. Learn to say no: It will be tough to say no to employment when you first open your shop. However, it’s vital to evaluate every opportunity and reject those that don’t fit with what your company is attempting to do or that demand skills and equipment you don’t have. The easier it will be for your firm to analyze and turn down work that isn’t a good fit since you can keep your focus on what you’re attempting to accomplish.


So, beginning a machine shop entails a lot of labor and planning, and you must take into account the principles described above. You’re probably wondering where you can get the necessary equipment, tools, and machine. Contact Technomech Trading, a regional leader with a diverse product portfolio ranging from hand tools to high-engineering industrial-grade equipment and machinery for the automotive, marine, construction, and automotive industries. We have a cooperation program to expand our network while maintaining our core company value.


Starting a machine shop workshop is a lot of effort, and the sooner you can have Technomech Trading in your network to help you get started, the faster you can learn and grow your business. Techomech aspires to make a significant difference in the cutting tool market by making it simple for individuals and organizations to obtain high-quality items wherever they are.


For most do-it-yourselves, drilling a hole in a piece of metal or another surface type will be necessary at some point. The equipment and methods used to do so are virtually as diverse as the various metals available. You may have become perplexed as to what can be the appropriate drill bit for splits wood. But don’t worry, here are a few pointers to help you complete the work quickly, easily, and safely.

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  1. No fancy drill bits are required for metal: Drilling holes in the metal may be done with almost any general-purpose twist bit. Most metal drill bits are designed to drill through a wide range of materials, including wood and plastic. High-speed steel (HSS) twist bits are the most affordable twist bits, and these basic bits are adequate for most metal-drilling applications.
  2. Create a divot: When you initially start drilling, drill bits tend to stray. To avoid this, measure and record the location of the hole, then make a tiny dimple with a center punch and hammer. As you begin to drill, this offers the tip of your drill bit a location to ride in.
  3. Lubricated bits last longer: Use cutting fluid or a multipurpose oil to drill holes on the steel surface. Bit lubrication lowers friction, and heat buildup, making drilling operation simple and extending bits life.
  4. Use clamps: Never try to drill through a piece of metal with one hand while holding it in the other. The metal drill bit could catch, spin, strike, and slash the workpiece. To securely hold down your workpiece, always use at least two clamps.
  5. Deburr the hole: It’s a good idea to clean off any sharp edges or burrs left behind after drilling a hole in metal. Gently hand-twist a twist bit somewhat bigger in diameter than the hole you just drilled over the top of the hole. This will smooth down the hole’s edge and remove any burrs.
  6. Drill at slow speed: The hotter a bit becomes, the faster it spins. And heat quickly dulls metal. Drilling through metal using a drill bit for metal at the slowest speed feasible is a good idea in general. Steel and large drill bits, for example, require considerably slower speeds.

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We hope that these pointers may assist you in your drilling endeavors. Contact us at Technomech if you want to learn more about it. Our professionals will provide you with a detailed product description. We are glad to declare that as genuine drill and screwdriver bits suppliers in the UAE, we are the chosen option of many industries when it comes to the best cutting and drilling equipment distributor.




Due to portability and flexibility, magnetic drilling machines are the preferred choice of many drilling machine firms. They are the perfect solution for any challenging job at the site. The portable magnetic drilling machine has a strong magnetic foundation that allows it to stick to steel or other magnetic materials horizontally, vertically, or upside down. A magnetic drilling machine can drill, tap threads, countersink, and ream when used with the right cutting tools, such as annular cutters, core drills, twist drills, countersinks, and other rotary cutters.


Drilling Machine Firms.


The magnetic drill may be used on any ferrous metallic surface that is flat, clean, solid, or smooth. When utilizing a magnetic drilling machine in any industry, it must be positioned on the correct workpiece to avoid moving and slippage. The magnet base adheres more powerfully and consistently to a clean and smooth metal surface.


Magnetic drilling machines, as previously stated, are the preferred choice for many drilling companies. This drilling machine is employed in several industries, including building, construction, heavy engineering, manufacturing, steel fabrication, maintenance, bridge and rebuilding, ship construction, and boiler manufacturing.


Threading solutions firms.

Why use a magnetic drilling machine?

  1. The shape or scale of a workpiece, such as a ship, bridge, or structure, might make it difficult to transport to an operating factory and drill with a standing drill press. It is more convenient to bring one magnetic drill and cutters to the workplace to drill holes on-site in this circumstance.
  2. The machine may cling to the workpiece horizontally, vertically, or above in any position. With a drill chuck, the magnetic drill can drill metal sheets with a twist drill, step drill, and countersink, in addition to annular cutters.
  3. Multipoint cutting geometry on annular cutters is used to cut big diameter holes exclusively on the perimeter. Operators may drill on-site, saving time not only for drilling but also for transporting the workpiece to the factory.


Magnetic drilling machines are one of Technomech’s most popular products, with different models to pick from based on the type of work environment. Technomech has everything, from the smallest holes to the narrowest and largest working spaces. We make brilliant ideas a reality by offering you cutting tools and equipment from reputable manufacturers like Euroboor, who have built a solid reputation for producing World-Class goods. All Euroboor’s products are designed to drill, ream, and function with significant stability. Their revolutionary manufacturing processes provide more safety and lower risk for drilling and threading solutions firms.


Get in touch with Technomech Trading LLC. We are always here to assist you with the most appropriate solutions and services.



Do you believe that bonding technology has nothing to do with you? Technomech Trading can tell you how often you come across adhesives throughout the day. As Weicon dealers, we recognize the importance of adhesives in everyday life and how they serve as hidden helpers to hold the world together.

tap and die sets
Adhesives used in daily life

Every day, we come into touch with adhesives. Hard to imagine? You only need to look at your own two feet to see proof of it. If you wear shoes, you’ve already encountered the first application of adhesives in daily life because the soles are almost certainly attached. Even if you aren’t currently wearing shoes. On a laptop, Desktop screen, tablet, or smartphone, you are reading this content. These commonplace items are frequently glued someplace as well.

Adhesives are used in toasters, refrigerators, cars, airplanes, footballs, and other household appliances. The list is never-ending. Whether in a large, industrial setting or in our individual homes, adhesives keep everything in our world together.


There are different adhesive bonding techniques exist.

Different adhesives bind in different ways. Of course, different adhesives are needed for bonding various materials. In huge companies, using a standard hot glue gun or purported all-purpose glue won’t go you very far.

Because of this, there are now businesses like ours that have focused on producing adhesives and providing unique solutions for industrial applications. Since 1947, we have been developing specialized goods for a range of businesses. Our extensive product line includes technical sprays, high-performance assembly pastes, greases, and specific adhesives and sealants that may be used for manufacturing, repairs, maintenance, and servicing.

tap and die sets

Advantages of modern adhesive bonding-

  1. Adhesives have long been the method of choice in vehicle engineering for achieving extremely lightweight structures. As a result of the reduced weight, the power-to-weight ratio improves, resulting in better fuel efficiency.
  2. The surface of the material is not affected while employing the invisible assistance, as it is when welding or soldering. Furthermore, the unique material qualities are unaffected. After adhesive bonding, the curing process creates a sealing effect, which prevents fretting and contact corrosion.
  3. Adhesive bonding reduces stress concentrations in large-surface connections. Peak stressors, which may otherwise be harmful, are reduced in this way.
  4. Adhesive bonding enables the connecting of a wide range of materials. Wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, and paper are just a few of the materials that may be bonded instead of welding with this process.


Cutting tools from Euroboor, such as tap and die sets, are also available to form threads on parts like screws, bolts, and nuts, as well as a threaded hole into which components may be screwed.


As a result, Technomech offers high-quality adhesives from respected manufacturers such as Weicon, which specializes in adhesive manufacturing and provides custom-made solutions for industrial applications. Our product range includes special adhesives and sealants, as well as technical sprays, high-performance assembly pastes, and greases, to be used in manufacturing operations, repairs, maintenance, and service. We also sell Ludecke couplings, which allow for a trouble-free and energy-efficient supply of compressed air, which is essential for a faultless manufacturing process.


So, the next time you need high-quality adhesives for a project, give us a call.


Hose clamps have many applications, including equipment, pipes, and more. For safety and performance, a dependable clamp is essential. Hose clamps are designed to keep a barb and hose together. A hose clamp must be properly placed. One of the most well-known hose clip suppliers  in the UAE is Technomech Trading. We are a distributor-partner of JCS, the UK’s only LR-approved hose clip producer for the maritime, offshore, and industrial sectors.

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JCS hose clamps are perfect for pharmaceutical, maritime, aviation, petrochemical, FMCG, food processing, and other industries in the UAE, according to Technomech. They are the most trusted hose clip producers worldwide because of their strength, longevity, and dependability. We understand that installing hose clamps correctly is as vital as purchasing a high-quality hose clamp. The necessity of appropriate hose clamp installation is the topic of today’s blog.


  1. Create seal: Even the most reliable clamp will fail if it is not correctly torqued. It’s possible to overtighten as well as under tighten a clamp. When installing a clamp, smaller clamps should be installed with hand tools, whereas bigger, bulkier clamps should be installed with power equipment. Torquing accurate will create a good seal without jeopardizing the connection. Overtightening the connector might pinch it and produce a blockage.
  2. Dependability: Installing a dependable clamp correctly will assure consistent functioning. Faulty installations can significantly limit dependability. A good rule of thumb is to inspect the clamp installation shortly after it is done, checking for leaks.


Causes of installation failure-

An installation can go wrong in a few different ways. The most common mistake is using the wrong clamp size for the job. Hose clamps are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. If you want the fit and seal to be successful, you must pick the right clamp design and size for the job.


If you’re having trouble mounting the clamp, try going up or down a size or attempting a different design. Another typical problem is misalignment. If the clamp is not placed appropriately, it will not attach properly. Rotate the clamp a little to confirm proper alignment. The clamp should be in a straight posture when not in use.


Vehicle fires may result from improperly installed hose clamps.

A severe vehicle fire may result if a hose clamp is overly tightened on a car’s fuel tube. This is because an excessively tight clamp squeezes the fuel tube by compressing the hose, resulting in rubber extrusion and deformation of the fuel tube.

The last thing you want to happen to a car you’re wanting to drive is fuel leaks, which can then result from this. This fuel leak has the potential to destroy the car if it catches fire.

Most people think that if hose clamps are installed incorrectly, it indicates that they are not tightened sufficiently. These incidents show, however, that over-tightening a hose clamp may be just as deadly.

Industrial Sprays 

Hose clamps are essential for transferring fluids and gases. To have worry-free functioning, you must use the proper installation approaches. Contact Technomech Trading if you have any inquiries concerning hose clamp installation. We’re Drill and Screwdriver Bits Suppliers and a go-to source for Industrial Sprays when it comes to finding industrial cleaning solutions. We can provide you with the tips and techniques you need to guarantee that every installation goes off without a hitch.