Hello from mine to yours! We have been well versed with one another, however not in a formal environment, yet, I am not a stranger. My skills have complied with my strengths. Yet, there is always a passage to the unknown. Therefore, let us start from the very beginning; introduction to me and my world. As a heads-up, you would find it a bit unique, yet, by the end of the journey, you’ll know me inside out. I have several names and a massive family. Even though we are one big family, we are unique, with solid yet tender built and multiple uses. You would recognize us, lying around here and there in your house, on construction sites and even in the marine environment. Well packed in brand new condition or at times slightly rusted and worn off. Our design allows us to mould into different shapes and sizes.

We are recognized – in the world to people under multiple brands – which brings out exclusivity, feel, and quality in our usage; which contributes to the fluctuation in our varied market price. From the rags to the final product, technicalities and precision are used to create us, only to serve you better.  Self-care for myself and my family has been a top priority in these trying times, just like yourself! We have found ways to revive ourselves, make us live longer, and educate you on the same.  Yet, if you find yourself looking for us, you’ll find us loose in various hardware markets across the globe, scattered from store to store. More unambiguously, you’ll find us on the shelves of Technomech Trading LLC, Dubai, waiting for our story to be shared.

Join us embark on this delightful journey with love and much fun!

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