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Technomech provides a wide range of industrial and scientific range of thermometers, pressure gauges and instrumentation products from UKs world class supplier that can cater to a number of sectors like the medical, industrial, scientific and catering including home and garden for the UAE. Their product range includes pressure gauges, dial thermometers, hot water thermometers, digital meters and other accessories for industrial application. The scientific range includes laboratory thermometers, hydrometers, data loggers, pocket thermometers and other scientific accessories. Brannan is one brand that highly focuses on their product quality and end user satisfaction. Their years of manufacturing experience in thermometers and instrumentation have helped to provide high quality products at competitive prices.



Ensuring reliability as a market leading UK manufacturer is engraved in our company ethos. We have many customer relationships that go back several decades – testament to our integrity and loyalty.


Our commitment to responsible business practice is unwavering. At Brannan, we maintain and demand integrity in our interactions with customers, suppliers, and our employees.


At Brannan, we embrace social responsibility and sustainability as part of our company mission and we believe that these are important factors for the long-term success of the industry.


Quality isn’t just about a system, process, standard or certification. Quality is about understanding your requirements and then delivering on our promises. Our commitment to quality is reflected in all that we do.

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