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Do you believe that bonding technology has nothing to do with you? Technomech Trading can tell you how often you come across adhesives throughout the day. As Weicon dealers, we recognize the importance of adhesives in everyday life and how they serve as hidden helpers to hold the world together.

tap and die sets
Adhesives used in daily life

Every day, we come into touch with adhesives. Hard to imagine? You only need to look at your own two feet to see proof of it. If you wear shoes, you’ve already encountered the first application of adhesives in daily life because the soles are almost certainly attached. Even if you aren’t currently wearing shoes. On a laptop, Desktop screen, tablet, or smartphone, you are reading this content. These commonplace items are frequently glued someplace as well.

Adhesives are used in toasters, refrigerators, cars, airplanes, footballs, and other household appliances. The list is never-ending. Whether in a large, industrial setting or in our individual homes, adhesives keep everything in our world together.


There are different adhesive bonding techniques exist.

Different adhesives bind in different ways. Of course, different adhesives are needed for bonding various materials. In huge companies, using a standard hot glue gun or purported all-purpose glue won’t go you very far.

Because of this, there are now businesses like ours that have focused on producing adhesives and providing unique solutions for industrial applications. Since 1947, we have been developing specialized goods for a range of businesses. Our extensive product line includes technical sprays, high-performance assembly pastes, greases, and specific adhesives and sealants that may be used for manufacturing, repairs, maintenance, and servicing.

tap and die sets

Advantages of modern adhesive bonding-

  1. Adhesives have long been the method of choice in vehicle engineering for achieving extremely lightweight structures. As a result of the reduced weight, the power-to-weight ratio improves, resulting in better fuel efficiency.
  2. The surface of the material is not affected while employing the invisible assistance, as it is when welding or soldering. Furthermore, the unique material qualities are unaffected. After adhesive bonding, the curing process creates a sealing effect, which prevents fretting and contact corrosion.
  3. Adhesive bonding reduces stress concentrations in large-surface connections. Peak stressors, which may otherwise be harmful, are reduced in this way.
  4. Adhesive bonding enables the connecting of a wide range of materials. Wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, and paper are just a few of the materials that may be bonded instead of welding with this process.


Cutting tools from Euroboor, such as tap and die sets, are also available to form threads on parts like screws, bolts, and nuts, as well as a threaded hole into which components may be screwed.


As a result, Technomech offers high-quality adhesives from respected manufacturers such as Weicon, which specializes in adhesive manufacturing and provides custom-made solutions for industrial applications. Our product range includes special adhesives and sealants, as well as technical sprays, high-performance assembly pastes, and greases, to be used in manufacturing operations, repairs, maintenance, and service. We also sell Ludecke couplings, which allow for a trouble-free and energy-efficient supply of compressed air, which is essential for a faultless manufacturing process.


So, the next time you need high-quality adhesives for a project, give us a call.