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Euroboor ADG.2A / ADG.2S / ADG.2E Air Grinders

Air die grinders20,000 rpm / 6.3 bar and 22,000 rpm / 6.3 barOur air die grinders (angle, straight and extended) operate on air and are therefore the perfect solution for grinding tasks where the use of electric power tools is out of the question, such as the offshore, mining, oil and gas industries. The ADG.2A (angle), ADG.2S (straight) and ADG.2E (extended) are perfect for grinding, polishing, deburring and smoothing sharp edges. All air die grinders are engineered to make your job easier, safer and more efficient.VibraTec
VibraTec minimizes vibrations of the machine. This contributes to the ease of operation and creation of smooth, high quality finishes. These machines have an ergonomic soft grip which absorbs vibrations. They are developed with high quality materials such as bearings which make the burr rotate as steadily as possible.

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